Wednesday, December 16, 2015

2016 Kipawa Lake and area Calendars

2016 Calendars now available featuring photography from the Kipawa area. All proceeds will go to the Kipawa Lake Preservation Society to assist with operational expenses so we can continue to help preserve this beautiful watershed. These 18-month calendars feature beautiful landscapes and wildlife photos from local residents and tourists. $10 each plus shipping ($3 within Canada, $5 for USA). For more info or to place an order please contact: Calendars also available for purchase at the Eagle Village Band Office and Migizy Gas.

Saturday, February 14, 2015

Algonquins Critical of Quebec's Conflict of Interest with High Risk $4 Million Investment in Rare Earths Open Pit Mining Project

'Eagle Village Chief Madeleine Paul stated today, "We already objected to Quebec's first investment of $1 million in Matamec shares last fall and once again without consulting us, Quebec has invested $3 million more in a joint venture with Matamec. We told the Ministers in a face to face meeting on January 15th that this is a conflict-of-interest and only serves to undermine any trust by our Algonquin Peoples that the BAPE process is unbiased since the results go to the Premier and his Cabinet for a decision and they are in a Joint Venture with Matamec now."'

Ongoing Neotectonic Activity in the Timiskaming ─ Kipawa Area of Ontario and Québec

Yet another reason not to allow mining in the Kipawa watershed.

 "Western Québec Seismic Zone poses a direct risk to infrastructure such as mines"

APTN Investigates Rare Earth


Full Episode

Matamec Announces the Creation of a Joint Venture with Ressources Quebec for the Kipawa Deposit