Sunday, July 28, 2013

Mining NOT Socially Accepted in Kipawa!

From Matamec's March 31st report "Social acceptability has become imperative, in an effort to obtain authorisation for any mining projects. The Management Team at Matamec Explorations has from the very beginning encouraged the participation of the population of Temiscaming in the development of its Kipawa project. " Now is the time to speak up! Let Matamec know that mining is NOT socially accepted on Kipawa Lake or any where in the region. Say NO to polluted water, radioactive isotopes in the air you breathe, the water you drink and the berries, fish and wild game that you eat. Say NO to increased cancer rates and chronic illness, organism death and habitat loss. Speak out now or watch silently as the region is forever and irreversibly destroyed. Start by signing and sharing the petition on, 'like' Save Kipawa Lake on facebook and contact us ( to find out what you can do to become more involved in the fight to save Kipawa Lake.

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  1. Save this Lake, Before We Have No More Lakes