Saturday, September 21, 2013

APART Petitions for a BAPE UPDATE

IMPORTANT UPDATE: these petitions must be received (originals by mail) by APART before September 30th. Please collect as many signatures as you can and send to APART as soon as possible. 

APART (association pour l’avenir des ressources t√©miscamiennes) has started a paper petition asking the Quebec government for the Kipawa Rare Earths project to undergo a provincial environmental impact assessment (BAPE) please print and collect signatures and then return to APART address provided on petition Currently the project does not have to submit to the provincial environmental impact assessment as approximately 4000 tonnes of ore are expected to be extracted per day, to trigger a BAPE the project would have to be extracting over 7000 tonnes per day. The environmental and human health risks are the same regardless of the volume extracted each day. This is a legal loop hole. Matamec was asked to voluntarily submit to the BAPE, they said no. Help hold this company accountable help us appeal to the government so that they have to take part in a BAPE

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