Wednesday, February 5, 2014

What you can do to help Save Kipawa Lake

Sign the petitions!

(signatures worldwide excepted on the petition, no minimum age required)

Sign these official government petitions (citizens/residents of Canada only)

Green Party of Canada Petition (French) (English)

NDP (Christine Moore) Navigable Waterways Petition

Support the Kipawa Lake Preservation Society

The Kipawa Lake Preservation Society is a volunteer led group of local and seasonal residents of Kipawa Lake and surrounding areas. Their goals are to lobby for the long term protection of Kipawa Lake and surrounding areas. They are concerned about the many threats to this watershed and the impacts they will have on the health of the ecosystem and nearby communities.

A website with more information about the proposed mining projects, exploration, and risks as well as more information on what the public can do to help (including letter writing campaigns, volunteer opportunities, and other initiatives) will be available shortly. In the meantime please support the Kipawa Lake Preservation Society by visiting and hitting the 'like' button.

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