Wednesday, December 24, 2014

APTN National News Visits Kipawa

APTN National News Visits Kipawa
Re: Rare Earth Mining

On June 6th Tom Fennario of APTN National News made the trip to Kipawa to discuss Rare Earth Mining and the Matamec project. He interviewed several members of the community as well as the Kipawa Lake Preservation Society. The 5 minute segment aired on September 2nd and can be viewed online

The Kipawa Lake Preservation Society is working hard to raise awareness and protect the Kipawa Watershed from mining but we need your help. Its important for those opposed to voice their concerns now while there is the opportunity to do so. Please take a moment and send this form letter the to the mayors of the MRC of Temiscaming urging them to reconsider their support for this project. The form letter is available from please be sure to include in the cc field so we have record of how many letters have been sent.

Funds are needed to cover administrative costs, awareness activities (recently the Kipawa Lake Preservation Society hosted a workshop at the Peoples Social Forum in Ottawa to raise awareness and gather support) and we hope to carryout some water quality testing in the watershed in the near future. You can support the Kipawa Lake Preservation Society financially by purchasing a T-Shirt online via We need to reach our goal of 50 t-shirts by Tuesday September 9th, 2014. Our website also has a pay pal donate button where donations can be made. For local residents we also have lawn signs available for $10, these signs can be purchased in person from a member of the Kipawa Lake Preservation Society. Please contact us for more info.

Thank you to all who have signed the petitions, sent letters, bought t-shirts and provided encouragement and support,

Christina Moreau
Chair, Kipawa Lake Preservation Society

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